V/R: GES Issued Staff IDs to Only 3 Newly Recruited Teachers,others to Protest over Neglect


Newly Recruited Teachers in the Volta Region are lamenting over the decision of the Ghana Education Service to issue Staff Identification Numbers to ONLY three (3) of its members out of 634 newly posted teachers in the Region.

In a statement issued by the teachers on April 15,2019, the Association of Newly Recruited Teachers- Volta Regional Chapter (ANRT) are lamenting over the fact that newly recruited teachers in the region have been totally neglected regarding the development concerning the release of staff IDs and processing of teachers for salary.

Latest development according to the teachers,has been that, the delay in their salary payments was as a result of network and connectivity challenges after migration from the Integrated Personnel Payroll Data (IPPD) to the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) which had caused the delay in capturing of staff biometric data for the processing of salaries.

According to the teachers,they were further told steps were being put in place to make sure that the first batch of the affected staff would receive their salaries in May with the anticipation that the rest would be paid in June .

”Up till now out of 634 newly posted teachers in the Region, 3 teachers were recorded to have their IDs released and even no list of names was released to accompany the figures to that effect.” the teachers lamented.

”We appreciate the fact that GES is putting measures in place to make sure our salaries are paid in May as they indicated in their write up but why can’t we in the Volta region also have some of our IDs released.”the statement said.

”Our colleagues in Northern region have a similar issue and their list was released immediately as part of the second batch but with ours nothing has been done about it. Meanwhile, we are all starving, at least if there had been even a list of some IDs released, we would know that all regions are being treated fairly as at now we don’t know what’s happening .” The teachers asked.

”We are therefore asking our employer if accepting to teach in the Volta Region of Ghana is a crime for which we are being treated with so much disdain.”

”The worst thing is that none of the newly recruited teachers in the Volta region has received his or her ID.”

”We plead to our region to do something now. If nothing positive comes out by the close of today or tomorrow , we will all march to the regional office on Wednesday…. We are resorting to this medium to register our displeasure as Newly recruited teachers in the Volta Region.” the statement concluded.


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