UG’s Jean Nelson Aka hall cancels ‘leavers dinner’ for Final Year Students over Indebtedness of the University


A leavers dinner may not be organized for final year students of the University of Ghana who are residents of the Jean Nelson Aka hall; their JCR president has said.

According to him, the recent issues with the indebtedness of the University to some banks over the construction of the some halls on campus, including the Jean Nelson Hall, puts the organization of a dinner for the final year students in the hall in doubt.

Earlier this month, it come to light that University management was struggling to a ¢43m loan facility contracted in 2008 for the construction of some four halls on campus to ease the accommodation deficit on campus.

The four are the Hilla Limann, Alexander Adum Kwapong, Elizabeth Frances Sey and the Jean Nelson Aka halls.

Whilst University management has assured students that they are resolute in working in their interest, there are growing fears among students that cost of hall fees will shoot up to commercial rates at the commencement of the next academic year.

Speaking to UniversNews, Junior Common Room president of the Jean Nelson Aka hall, David Hughes, mentioned that the possible takeover of the hall have shifted the attention of members of the Board in charge of the welfare of residents.

He explained that the Board members were now more focused on how to address the issue than the organization of a dinner for leavers.

“So we have this UGEL Board which is supposed to approve of the monies after the prior approval by management but because of the debt and the UGEL issues, the Board has refused to sit on the matter so what it means is that for the four diasporan halls we might not have our leavers dinners and floor parties.”

David Hughes also mentioned that he was in talks with the Hall’s Organizing Secretary to try and secure sponsorship for the event.

“…but as a JCR, I’m working with my Organizing Secretary to see if we can pull some sponsorship to organize it.”


As part of efforts to solve the accommodation problems confronting students, the University of Ghana, through the University of Ghana Enterprise Limited (UGEL) in 2007, entered into an agreement with the six banks to build hostel facilities to meet the accommodation demands.

Story by: Crispus Ohene Ankomah

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