Thieves invade Ebenezer SHS,Students and Authorities Lives Threatened


Students and authorities of Ebenezer Senior High School in the Ablekuma West Constituency are living in fear following constant attacks and theft.

According to them, community members frequent the school unannounced particularly at night to destroy desks meant for students.

They also carry some of the desks to their homes while others have turned the school compound into a place of convenience.

A cursory look at the Ebenezer Senior School Compound may suggest everything is alright, until one is greeted with the foul smell of human excreta and shown the broken desks scattered on the compound.

According to the headmaster of the school, Richard Kofi Mensah, youth in the community scale the wall to steal items in the school while some have found the bushes around, a haven to ease themselves.

He says the school’s classrooms are being used as motels by the youth for their sexual activities.

A recent case as narrated by the School’s ICT instructor, Bright Wright, indicates that, but for the timely intervention of the only security man in the school, forty newly acquired computers at the ICT lab and other documents would have been stolen. Food vendors on the school’s compound are not spared.

The students say they constantly live in fear of attacks by the youth in the school’s vicinity.

The headmaster tells GBC’s Doreen Ampofo that if nothing is done immediately, students will be forced to stand for lessons as the school’s budget cannot support broken down furniture.

It is still a wonder why what could be motivating these youth to invade the school with the aim of destroying or stealing desks meant for their own brothers and sisters.

As we seek to unravel this mystery, we can only hope that the appropriate authorities take urgent measures to beef up security in and around the Ebenezer Senior High School.

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