Technological Innovations must be integrated into Classroom delivery – Prof. Fred McBagonluri

Prof. Fred McBagonluri

The President of Academic City College and a former founding Dean at the Faculty of Engineering at Ashesi University, Prof. Fred McBagonluri has said that there was the need for technological innovations to be integrated into classroom delivery.

Speaking at the Virtual Education Technology Exhibition (EduTECH) event held by the Neogenics Education Group on Saturday, September 12, 2020, on the theme ”Demonstrating Innovative Technologies in Education”, Prof. Fred McBagonluri said the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the challenges in the Country’s Education System.

The EDUTECH Exhibition is Event 2 of Global Super Teachers Conference 2020:a teacher and school leaders empowerment and Professional Development event.

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Emerging Technologies in Education

Speaking on some emerging technologies in Education, Prof. Fred McBagonluri said there was a need to consider the use of Virtual Objects in lesson delivery in the country.

Speaking on the virtual realities in lesson delivery, Prof. Fred McBagonluri elaborated the use of 3D objects during lesson delivery.

He indicated, that using educational games, activities, worksheets, posters and vocabulary word wall cards to assist students when they are learning about identifying and working with 3D objects can help the students to experience the real objects in the classroom.

This he believes will help the students to have first-hand information and understanding of what they have learnt and also promote experiential learning.

He also talked about the need to provide a complete Learning Management System around the Virtual Labs where the students can avail the various tools for learning, including additional web-resources, video-lectures, animated demonstrations and self-evaluation.

He believes incorporating Virtual Labs in the country’s Education shall help share costly equipment and resources, which are otherwise available to a limited number of users due to constraints on time and geographical distances.

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Cloud Computing

Prof. Fred McBagonluri said there was a need to take advantage of cloud computing technologies in modern education.

He added, that this when utilised shall help students and teachers have access to remote learning resources.

He said it shall promote faculty-student engagements through online resources and also help in educational content management.

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Regarding modern Examination Procedures and feedback, Prof. Fred McBagonluri  spoke about grade automation, learning feedback for students’ improvement and customization of learning outcomes.

He further indicated the use of Robot teachers in modern technological Educational Environment as well as enhancing cultural capital.


As part of the current emerging technologies in education, Prof. Fred McBagonluri   said biometrics shall help in monitoring and evaluating students’ learning outcomes as well as truancy reduction.

He said there shall be an integration of voice and facial recognition to eliminate teaching and access.

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Social Media

Using Social Media Technology in the development of Education, Prof. Fred McBagonluri said it shall provide a medium for social interaction.

He added, that social media promotes remote engagements across cultural interactions as well as Global Activism.


The event saw exhibitors from Technology Companies who are projecting education through technology.

The exhibitors introduced the participants to the use of technology in lesson delivery.

The exhibitions ranged from School Management Systems to the use of technology to help disabled students benefit from the lesson delivery.

Some of the exhibitors include; Edit Microsystems, a leading supplier of educational and corporate technology solutions in Southern Africa, which has been forging the way for technology to aid curriculum delivery and office communications since 1991.

Editmicro aims to find alternative, cutting-edge ways to improve teaching and learning in the education sector and to improve business communication in the corporate sector.

Editmicro provides services to educators; education departments; corporate social investors; parents; other government departments and corporate managers. Through on-going support and professional development, Editmicro can help find the right solution for your particular environment.

The Second exhibitor is Atom Learning a United Kingdom-based online learning platform which helps students to master the 11+ grammar & independent school examinations in maths, English and reasoning.

It has a platform for Parents to help with revision and personalised learning for
pupils at home.

Also at the exhibition was EDVES, the Largest Education Portal for K-12 Students, Teachers, Administrators and Parents in Nigeria.

EDVES is an Edutech company that deals with automating School processes from Student enrollment to graduation.

Their goal is to automate school processes, to lessen tedious activities involved and also to generally reduce paper works in schools.

They have a large vision scale of automating schools across Africa and its Coast reaching them with the affluence of digital technology in School activities.

Also at the exhibition was Prodigy School Solutions, a Nigerian School Management Software that offloads you with all the process and administrative work of your school and gives times to focus on your core business.

Prodigy Software Solutions-School Management Software automates the Admission, Fee collection, Attendance, Discontinuation process, General Expenses, Staff Salaries along with the generation of results, monitoring information on student performance and more.

The system helps generate notice for pending fee at any time schedule. This system is highly stable and user-friendly.

 TECHAiDE is another company that took part in the exhibition. The company has been working in Africa for over ten years in using ICTs to improve Education, support Youth Development, and facilitate Health Delivery.

In collaboration with its international development partners in Africa, Europe and America, the company has provided appropriate technologies and developed human capacities that unleashed the potential of individuals, communities and institutions.

Its ASANKA WiFi device in Ghana is a WiFi device that delivers free content through web browser without using the Internet.

One ASANKA can support up to 20+ phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc (any WiFi-enabled device) without incurring data costs or any other costs.

This low cost, low powered durable system conveys educational, health, economic, agricultural, e-government, really any content you decide to share using Web 2.0 platform.

You can load your own content or purchase a pre-loaded Ghana educational content ASANKA

ASANKA is the Ghanaian word for “community bowl” and this ASANKA invites you to a virtual “community bowl” of free information for all.

Another exhibitor at the event was Scribble Works, an educational publishing house based in Accra, Ghana.

They are passionate about learning. with a  mission is to promote effective learning among all people for an enhanced human capability.

Soft School is another exhibitor at the event, which is a Ghanaian  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software which enables every Educational Institution to effectively and efficiently manage its entire operations with the click of a button.

Also at the exhibition was Smartsapp a  Ghanaian school management portal that combines child security (Pick up and drop off), connected community and SmartsApp (a learning platform).

SmartSapp caters to the current child-security lapses in schools and gives parents more control to ensure it.

Ecampus is a Ghanaian Online Teaching and Learning Platform with social networking options that allow users (Teachers and Students) to interact and compare Test Scores.

Extramarks Total Learning Ecosystem is a  South African One-App-One-Solution for all stakeholders – Students, Teachers and Parents. It allows students to access learning solutions mapped to their curriculum at home, while simultaneously allowing parents and teachers to track and evaluate the student’s performance.

Extramarks is also an EducationalmTechnology Company creating student-friendly CBSE, ICSE, NCERT, JEE, NEET Digital Learning Solutions.

Another  Exhibitor at the event was  AkooBooks Audio, Ghana’s first publisher and digital distributor of African audiobooks. They offer a wide range of audio services.

AkooBooks Audio offers employment opportunities to African actors and actresses who have challenges finding work in the struggling African film industry.

Acting training is perfect for an audiobook and aims to be the largest secondary employer of voice acting talent in the region within the next two years.

Neogenics Education Group

Neogenics Education Group is an  Independent Educational Consultant and Service Provider delivering world-class training and educational consultancy services.

Their vision is “to equip educational institutions and individuals with appropriate tools, skills, training, resources and advisory services which will enable them to deliver their goals effectively and maximise their potential.”

In the past five years, Neogenics Education has been involved in the training of teachers, heads of schools, teaching assistants and other individuals in the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa and Ghana.


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