JUST IN: GES-SIC Group Policy Unconsitutional and must be halted – Legal Practitioner


A legal practitioner,Lawyer Xavia Sosu has described it as unconsitutional,the decision of the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the SIC Insurrance Group to engage teachers in an insurrance policy without their full concent.

In a statement issued ny the lawyer on current happenings at the teachers’ front regarding the policy,the lawyer called on the GES and SIC ro reconsider their decisions.

”I have had the opportunity to listen to the issue of insurance package for all teachers on the government payroll. I was furious to hear that some teachers did not apply but were compulsory signed up on the product.”

”First of all, it is unconstitutional for any person, institution or a body to engage someone in any financial business without the full consent of the person.” He said.

”I am very sure both the GES and SIC are aware of such law but decided to put it under the carpet and engage in an act against the will of the teachers.” He said.


Lawyer Sosu expressed his disappointment in the teachers on how they have handled the issue over the months.

”Does it suggest to me that our hard working teachers are afraid of our judicial process in addressing an issue?” He asked.

Supreme Court Intervention

The Lawyer further emphasized that
this case when brought before the Supreme Court shall be a straight forward case which the supreme court will quash the decision of both SIC and GES since it is against the will of the core party in the matter.

Desperation in Policy Implementation

”I was shocked to hear from some individuals within government that GHs10 is just little and that teachers must adhere to the decision.” He said.

”You can do the calculations ( multiple the number of teachers on payroll by 10 cedis and you will know the reason why GES wants to implement this policy at all cost)” He asked.

NSS Interventions

”During the 2017/2018 service year, a similar product was brought up by the management of the national service scheme which did not go on well with the personnel.”

”Some personnel within my constituency approached me as a human rights lawyer and I led them to the supreme court to seek clarification as to whether the NSS has the power to engage personnel on insurance they have not signed up for.”

”The proceedings on this case was very simple and the ruling was that, NSS should make the policy option and that those who are interested must be given the chance to sign up themselves.”

”One very funny aspect of this whole is the fact that, SIC and GES are directing teachers to travel to the various SIC office to deactivate something they have not signed up for.”

”I want to ask our dear teachers these few questions
1. Are they afraid of the law?
2. Are their unions afraid of the law?
3. What is preventing them from seeking legal action if the NSP were able to do that?”

”Never be intimidated by your employer. The constitution is clear on your rights and freedom.
Thanks so much for your time” He concluded.

Source: EducationGhana.net

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