Notice: Education on How to Collect Your SSNIT Numbers


Social Security and National Insyrance Trust (SSNIT) numbers are made up of 13 digits.

It has 6 components as follows .Example D0379110800371.The letter tells the region you were born.

A – western
B – central
D – Volta
E – Eastern
F – Ashanti
G – BA
H – Northern

2. D03~ Is the district code where you were born. Example Nkwanta South Municipal is D03.Please note that the code varies from district to district.

3 .79~ The year you were born. Eg 1979- They use the last two digits (79).

4.11~ The month you were born. Eg November=11 .

5 .08~ The day you were born. Eg 8 th,23 rd,4 th etc.

6 .0037~ This is your serial number for those who registered for the SSNIT number that year.

NB: Your SNNIT number is made up of your region in which  you were born , district code, date of birth and serial number for that year.

Teachers are advised to save their SNNIT, Staff ,Mutual Fund and Registered numbers on their phones for easy recollection.


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