TEWU threatens Immenent Strike Action over Unfair Treatment of Members


The Teachers and Education Workers Union (TEWU) has threatened to declare a strike throughout the country.

They have given the government up to next month to take immediate action to address all issues concerning their staff or they will declare a strike throughout the country.

The issues include;Non-payment of critical support,Unfair treatment of non-teaching staff of the various colleges of education which includes non-payment of market premium to its members.

TEWU also talked about Undue delay in releasing the tier two pension fund to GES occupational Pension Scheme and failure  to recruit more non-teaching staff to support the few staff handling the double track system.

In a statement by TEWU, they declared that all stakeholders should come together and address these issues before any actions will be taken by them.

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“It is the expectation of TEWU that by the close of next month, the government and its agencies, particularly the GES, National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE), the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations, the Ministry of Education, the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) will help resolve the concerns of the non-teaching staff and ensure that their concerns receive proactive attention to prevent any industrial action from TEWU which can be avoided in the first place,”

They also expressed their displesure in how educational policies for improving staff welfare tend to favour teaching staff leaving-out non-teaching staff.

The Angry Union therefore seeks immediate amendments to these constraints to ensure their complete satisfaction.

“The critical role the non-teaching staff play in ensuring conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning in schools, as well as quality service delivery in the broader education sector, should not be lost on government and its relevant agencies. The worry here is that policies for improving the welfare of players in the education sector tend to favour only the teaching staff, with the non-teaching staff sometimes seen as an after-thought,”

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The government through Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) approved the payment of market premium as well as book and research allowance to the teaching staff of colleges of education leaving out non-teaching staff. The union consider this as an act of discrimination and will not fall on death ears.

The statement continued;
“TEWU is compelled to once again raise the issues and demand immediate action from the government and other stakeholders to have them addressed by the end of May 2019 in order to avert any nation-wide strike by members,”

Recommendations were made through GES and the national teaching council (NTC) in August last year by an advisory group concerning stated issues but were to no avail.


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