JUST IN:TTAG Launches Official Weekly Journal Today


The Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) shall launch its Official Information Dissemination Platform dubbed “TTAG WEEKLY JOURNAL (TWJ)’’ at exactly 7o’clock this morning(Monday).

The Weekly Journal is expected to disseminate information regarding teacher trainees, teachers and matters arising in Ghana’s Education Sector.

The Journal shall be published every Monday Morning on all social media platforms.

Speaking with EducationGhana.net, the Editor of the Weekly Journal, Nasrallah IBN Mutawakil, said the main motive of the TWJ  is to help Teacher Trainees get updated with necessary happenings within the fraternity and also to get first-hand information on issues affecting them as Trainees.

He indicated, the Weekly Journal shall go a long way to promote the brand of the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana.

Source: EducationGhana.net

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