JUST IN: The quality of Training on New Standard Based Curriculum Perfect – NaCCA Boss


The Executive Secretary of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA),Dr. Prince Hamid Armah has acknowledged the quality of training on the New Standard Based Curriculum.

Dr. Prince Armah said though there have been some issues about refreshment for trainees, etc ,the quality of the training itself has been without question.

He congratulated all trainers who trained the teachers on the first phase of the New Standard Based Curriculum.


However,the NaCCA Boss sympathized with teachers who were in one way affected with the supposed poor treatment at their centres.

In a statement issued after the first week of the curriculum training, Dr. Prince Armah said he was very sure the GES has instructed its regional and district directors to immediately address these issues.

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Dr. Prince Armah assured teachers of a better treatment in the furure.

”I can also assure everyone that the lessons we have picked up from this exercise will inform future activities. Mind you, we have never undertaken anything of this scale and magnitude”

”Before. Subsequent training programmes for teachers and Curriculum reviews for JHS and SHS, I have every confidence, will be without incident. Let us all support this reform initiative for the greater good of our country.” He said.

”On the ongoing cluster-based training it has to be recognized that there have been national as well as regional and district-based training programmes covering over 4000 teachers from April till July, 2019.”

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”The trainees from those sessions are the ones now leading the cluster-based trainings. Those sessions were unqualified successes that did not attract any criticism. Unfortunately, the same has not been the case for the current effort, which involves 152,000 teachers at 996 separate centres.” He said.

Source: EducationGhana.net


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