JUST IN: Teachers to observe Continuous Professional Development Day beginning 2019/20 Academic Year


Teachers in the Public Basic Schools shall observe a Continuous Professional Development Day beginning 2019/20 Academic Year.

This day when observed shall help the teachers (facilitators) to develop new strategies for teaching ,and help them overcome challenges in their day to day activities as teachers(facilitators).

The Continuous Professional Development is in two folds:

1. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

PLC is a group of educators and other stakeholders who meet regularly to share expertise knowledge, skills and experience for the improvement in lesson delivery, assessment and academic performance of learners.

It is a a collegial group of Administrators and School Staff who are united in their commitment to Learners’ learning.

They can serve as a mechanism to transform school culture. In other words, PLCs connect teachers with information, strategies and best practices.

One hour of every Wednesday will be dedicated to the PLCs at the school, cluster or circuit level.

Students will close and go home while teachers have a training hour to upgrade themselves.

2.Professional Development Days (PDDs)

Once every quarter (4 times a year) PDDs will be organized.

These are days when students will not attend school,

however, teachers will have a full training day to develop themselves and abreast themselves on best practices and new pedagogical skills.

Source: EducationGhana.net

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