JUST IN: CID vindicates Former CCT President; King Ali sued for defamation with damages worth GHC1M


The former President of the Coalition of Concerned Teacher,Ernest Opoku has been vindicated by the Criminal Investigative Department.

Detailed reports submitted to EducationGhana.net by one Owusu Baffoe Daniel  on behalf of the embattled former president indicates there has been no facts to the allegations against Ernest Opoku.

Mr Opoku has upon the vindication based on the clearance by the CID-GH sued the union for defamation among others things.

The case is currently pending before the Human rights court 1, Accra high court.

Mr Opoku is seeking the following reliefs from the court:

An order directing the defendants to use mediums such as press conference to apologize to him, his immediate family, the entire membership of CCT, and the general public for the embarrassment, Damages of one million Ghana cedis and Legal charges.

The suit have been filed against king Ali Awudu (President), Norbert Gborgborsti (Deputy Communication Director) and Godfred Sapenu (National Organizer).

The case had its first court hearing on Thursday, 18th of April, 2019.

Ernest Opoku’s Arrest

This specific issue dates back to three years ago when the First president of the Coalition of Concerned Teachers, Mr Ernest Opoku was Removed from office in 2015 and replaced by King Ali Awudu.

According to the then NEC, the then president was cited among other things to have embezzled funds with both Internal and external Auditor’s report being used as a catalyst.

Mr Opoku was removed alongside  the then General secretary of CCT, Mr Raymond Boakye Darkwah.

Mr Opoku’s attempt to redeem his image at the court in from 2015 to 2016 proved futile according to reports.

According to the report,Mr Ernest Opoku(the former president of CCT) has been cleared of no embezzlement or stealing by CID GH report which was signed by ACP  Isaac Quist (For and on behalf of the Director General).

”The report from the police clearly indicates that Ali Awudu, Norbert Gborgbortsi and Godfred Sapenu conspired with the external auditor to smear Ernest Opoku with allegations of embezzlement in order to remove him from office” the report alleged.

‘The allegations are frivolous and unfounded and no money is missing from the coffers of CCT-Gh.” It said.

New Allegations against King Ali Awudu

The report alleged that Mr Ali Awudu has bought an official car, American Ford F150 (V8) Worth Gh¢380,000 with the union’s money for himself to the disappointment of NEC members.

”When Mr Norbert Gborgbortsi confronted him on the V8 Ford F150, Mr Ali Awudu got furious and relieved Mr Gborgbortsi off his position as Deputy Communication Director since the position is by appointment.” They report indicated.

”Mr Ali Awudu has become so tyrant that when some District chairmen confronted him, about 10 (ten) district chairmen of CCT-Gh in Ashanti region have also been relieved off their position and the people involved are challenging the matter in Kumasi high court.” the report said.

”Currently as we speak, the story has taken a new twist. Just Two years down the line, and as according to credible information available to me, the new president have been cited to have involved himself in so many corrupt and shady deals by a fraction of the leadership of the union, such as approving for himself a loan of Gh¢150,000 from the coffers of the union beyond the acceptable threshold, taking another loan of Gh¢100,000 to buy a car (Ford escape 4×4) for his personal use, additional loan of Gh¢ 50,000 to send his wife on a pilgrimage to Mecca, approving a loan of Gh¢60,000 and Gh¢30,000 respectively for his General secretary and Accountant to buy their personal cars, all without prior approval from the National Executive Council(NEC).” The report alleged.

”Information from another reliable source also indicates that the president, King Ali Awudu has been banned from traveling to Geneva, Switzerland due to the recent visa fraud allegations leveled against him. He is said to have been refused visas on five different occasions as a result of the visa fraud allegations he entangled himself with.” the reports concluded.

Source: EducationGhana.net

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