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This Course is offered by Students at the Senior Hogh School level.

The New General Arts Curriculum has been proposed to be seperated into two different programmes in the New Curriculum proposed in 2018.

The programmes are Humanity and and Languages.

This facility gives you free access to study Past Questions on a subject by subject basis. You can also study the subjects below on a year by year basis.

It’s entirely free! If you will be examined on any subject listed below, then any question presented here has the potential to come out in your coming exam

This facility also gives you the opportunity to ask troubling questions on any subject. Once your question is posted, within a few minutes, an answer will be provided by either an EducationGhana  Staff or our bright community of students. Feel free to ask any subject question, anytime.

Old Curriculum 2007& 2012                                  Proposed Curriculum
1.French                                                                 HUMANITIES
2. Ghanaian Language (Elective)                             1. Economics
3. Christian /Traditional/Islamic Religious Studies      2. Geography
4. Music                                                                 3.Government
5. Economics                                                          4. History
6. Geography                                                          5. Religious Education
7. History                                                         LANGUAGE ARTS   
8. Government                                                       1. Literature In English
8. Elective Mathematics                                          2. Ghanaian Language and Culture
9. General Knowledge in Arts                                  3. French
10. Literature                                                         4. Arabic

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