Top 6 Heads of Schools being Intimidated and Victimized by NAPO as Education Minister – Kwame Alorvi


A former President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) Mr Kwame Alorvi, has informed the Minister of Education, Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh (NAPO) to concentrate on the proper management of Ghana’s Education System and stop Slanderring, harassing, intimidating and Victimizing employees of the Ghana Education Service (GES).

In a statement issued by the former NAGRAT boss, Kwame Alorvi descended on the Minister for allegedly disrespecting teachers in the Ghana Education Service.

Kwame Alorvi made these revelations as heads of schools that were being victimized by the Minister of Education.

a) La Presec:
One of the first victims of NAPO’s deadly vindictive axe was the Headmaster of La Presec, Mr Salamat. He was removed from office in September 2017 by NAPO.

The headmaster’s “crime” was how he convinced parents to assist in providing writing tables and chairs for the first batch of the free SHS students whom Opoku Prempeh as Minister, had placed in La Presec without any thought of where they would sit to learn.

The furniture parents willingly provided for which the Headmaster was sacked, are still in the school being used anyway.


b). Wesley Girls High School Headmistress.

At one of the hurriedly arranged meetings with Heads of Senior High Schools in the Assembly Hall of the Kumasi Anglican SHS prior to the implementation of the free SHS, NAPO ordered the widely respected Headmistress of Wesley Girls SHS to stand up.

The Headmistress obediently obliged. NAPO then strangely went berserk to embarrass the Headmistress with uncomplimentary words as she stood on her feet with hands at her back.

Her crime was her school consistently producing excellent results at the WASSCE. NAPO questioned why the Headmistress should be feeling proud of good results when her school always admitted the cream of the BECE graduates.

He ended by telling the Headmistress that he was going to place aggregate 40 students in her school to see if her school would still produce good results.

”A colleague teacher told me that the current Headmistress of Wesley Girls SHS also suffered similar embarrassment from NAPO at a meeting with CHASS held in Adisadel College, Cape Coast as she was made to rise up just like her predecessor to receive verbal bashings from NAPO.”

c) GES Headquarters IPPD Coordinator

At a similar engagement with the GES IPPD Coordinators in Kumasi Anglican SHS, NAPO ignorantly accused the coordinators of taking bribes from teachers before taking them through biometric registration for payment of their salaries.

The GES National IPPD Coordinator was asked by the then Chief Director of the MoE to clear the air, having realized that the Minister was not factual with his comment.

The Coordinator wasted no time in exposing the ignorance of the Minister by explaining that biometric registration of teachers was done at the Ministry of Finance, not at the GES, and so if any bribe was taken as the Minister alleged, it was taken at the Ministry of Finance and not at the GES.

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This response, of course, received a thunderous applause from the IPPD Coordinators at the meeting.

The Deputy Director-General of the GES summoned the IPPD Coordinator outside the Assembly Hall and told him to prepare for transfer for embarrassing the Minister.

This threat was carried out and just a day after reporting from Kumasi to Accra the IPPD Coordinator was removed from his position and asked to immediately vacate his official accommodation.

He was then posted to Aburi as a classroom teacher under NAPO’s instructions.
Clearly, the Chief Director innocently led the Coordinator into temptation but couldn’t deliver him from evil.

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d) Adisadel College Headmaster.

The then vibrant Headmaster of Adisadel College, William Kusi Yeboah too tasted the bitter pill of removal from office by NAPO.

His crime was allowing teachers from his school to organise remedial classes for double-track students in an abandoned building at the northern entrance of the school.

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The posters advertising the remedial classes at the school gate were pulled down under the instruction of the Minister.

Interventions by the Board Chairman of Adisco and the Anglican Bishop of Sekondi against the removal of the Headmaster could not stop the venom of NAPO.

The Headmaster was branded as not being one of us by NAPO. He was replaced just before the School’s Speech Day at which the President of the Republic was made to direct the Board and the Anglican Church to respect the disciplinary authority of the MoE and GES on the matter.

With that call by the President of the Republic, all actions against his removal weakened, and the Headmaster was removed and transferred to Kumasi.

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e) Other Headmasters

Headmaster of Aggrey Memorial Zion SHS in Cape Coast was removed in 2019 and transferred to Sekondi by NAPO for granting boarding status to two adolescent girls posted from Accra to his school as Day Students.

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The Head of an SHS in Krobo area in the Eastern Region was also transferred to Afram Plains as punishment under bizarre circumstances.

The Headmaster of Ningo SHS was also recently threatened with dismissal for allowing media men to broadcast news of students sitting on the floor to attend classes.

Earlier, many Basic School Headteachers in Greater Accra were demoted and posted to the classroom to teach. Their offence was the collection of exam fees through their PTAs to print terminal exam questions for their pupils when GES/MoE failed to give them their capitation grants for the whole academic year to print the questions.

Perhaps one more example will suffice for the time being.

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f) Pentecost SHS, Koforidua

The Assistant Headmaster (Administration) of Pentecost SHS in Koforidua was among the latest number of teachers that have suffered victimization under NAPO.

The teacher, who is also a District GNAT Official, was accused of making statements during the teachers strike in 2019 which the Minister was not pleased with.

For his punishment, and as a warning to other teachers and union leaders, the Assistant Headmaster has callously been separated from his wife and children and posted to a Senior High School in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region.

”Protests by GNAT were ignored.NAPO has thus become a hurricane, destroying everything in its path and leaving destruction behind.” He concluded.


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