JUST IN:Capitation grant to be used to Sponsor JHS Learners’ First Term Exams

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Learners at the Public Junior High Schools are expected to write their first term examination with sponsorship from the Schools’ capitation grants at a cost of GHC4.00 per learner.

This decision was taken at a meeting between the leadership of the Conference of Directors of Education (CODE) ,the Conference of Heads of Basic Schools (COHBS) and the Ghana Education Service(GES).

The meeting,which took place in Accra on Monday, November 18,2019 was presided over by the Deputy Director General of the Ghana Education Service.

Purpose of Meeting

The meeting was meant to discuss issues relating to the End of First Term Examination as well as General Issues on Capitation Grant.


Deciding on the fate of the first term exams ,the meeting decided that Junior High School Learners should write their usual exams to be sponsored from capitation grant,which was expected  to be released soon.

The cost of the exams per learner is GHC4.00 according to the meeting, with the exams expected to be a  district common exam planned by a 9 member committee  comprising:
4 reps of COHBS ,2 reps of teachers,Basic School Coordinator, Exams coordinator and the District Director of Education.

The Municipal/District Directors of Education should are expected to take active part in all the processes.The Deputy Director of Supervision can only represent a District Director of Education in his or her absence.

The Committee is expected to set out all modalities (eg source of questions, printing etc) for the exam, in cordiality and peace, and ensure the success of the exam.

SMC/PTAs Support

The meeting further indicated that School Management Committees (SMC) and the Parents,Teachers Associations (PTA) can offer to support from their own coffers, but emphasized that No Learner should be levied for any type of exams including MOCK, or denied writing the exam.

KG – B6 Facilitators

The meeting further stated that facilitators at the Kindergarten and Primary School should Endeavour to practice the new mode of assessment (standard- based),and other classroom activities.

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) earlier indicated,that its outfit was preparing a new mode of assessment for learners at the Primary and Kindergarten levels,hence no exams was expected to be conducted for them.

MOCK Exams

The meeting also said that if the need be, regional meetings of CODE nd COHBS should be convened to discuss further and be implemented.

The meeting emphasized that District Assemblies are to sponsor mock exams .

Private Schools

”Private schools are to be encouraged to go by the Ghana Education Service  guidelines concerning terminal assessment, but should not be forced.” the meeting agreed.


Capitation Grant

”Municipal and District Directors of Education are  expected to respond to audit queries by end of November or lose their positions.”

The meeting agreed that CODE and  COHBS should  brainstorm and come out with proposals on reviewing the scope/ spread of uses of the grant,relating to identifying few key things that the grant should concentrate on, for better outcomes.

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Photographs for BECE

”BECE candidates are not to pay for photographs through the school or Directorate,it can be arranged and  parents asked to directly deal with the photographers financially.”

The meeting said other BECE administrative costs are being considered to be borne by the GES.


The meeting also questioned the Calibre of people appointed as headteachers, of which the GES is strategizing to produce quality heads of schools.

Circuit Supervisors

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”Curriculum Vitae of Circuit Supervisors have  been received and would be scrutinized for approval for retention as Circuit Supervisors would be given or otherwise, as their role has been redefined.A training package is to be designed for them.”the meeting said.

Source: EducationGhana.net

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