JUST IN: National Inspectorate Board begins registration of Private Schools

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The National Inspectorate Board (NIB) has begun the registration of all Private Pre-Tertiary Education in the Country.

The Ghana National Council  of Private Schools (GNACOPS) in a statement issued to its members indicated that the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Education and its agency responsible for monitoring and evaluation of educational standarsd and outcomes in Ghana at the Pre-Tertiary Level,which is the NIB has officially informed its ledeership of the registration.

According to the November 1,2019 statement,both public and private schools are supposed to be registered and licensed solely by the National Inspectorate Board (NIB) as enshrined in the Education Regulatory Bodies Bills.

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The statement how ever indicated, that to operate a private school in Ghana,the following documents are required;

  1. Company Registration Certificate,issued by the Registrar General Department
  2. Operational License Certificate ,issued by the Local Government Authority
  3. School Registration Certificate,issued by the National Inspectorate Board (NIB)

”In line with this new operational development of schools’ certification, we are informing our members to deal and open their doors only to the appropriate bodies as stated above in registering their schools and renewing their schools’ certificates to ensure the schools’ operational legitimacy in the education sector.” the statement said.

Source: EducationGhana.net




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