Accra College of Education 1973 Batch calls on New Principal


The leadership of 1973 Year Group of Accra College of Education Alumni Association on Tuesday called on the Principal of Accra College of Education to greet him and also to inform him of their Year Group, 1973 meeting which will take place on Saturday 16th November, 2019 at Accra College of Education.

The group was represented by Mr. Ohene Bampo and Lawyer Noah Asamany, welcoming the group on behalf of the Principal, Dr. Samuel A. Atintono the Vice Principal, Mrs. Elizabeth Aikins was delighted to see the old children of the College who completed 46 years ago still have the College at heart and mobilizing themselves to support the College.

Mr. Ohene Bampo, who is instrumental in the year group leadership and organization stated they have about 20 members on their year group WhatsApp platform and he is on the AcCE Alumni Global Association platform as well and he is mobilizing more of his year group to add them to the Global Association platforms.

He used the occasion to appeal to all the year groups to reorganize themselves and called on those sitting on fence to get down to join the Association. He admonished his colleagues to count themselves blessed to have graduated from renowned institution like Accra College of Education.

According to the Year Group representatives, they completed at the old site – Kokomlemle, Accra in 1973, though some of their members have passed on to eternity, they will do everything possible to link those they will be able to reach. “It was the college which gave us foundation in life – our first professional job which propelled us in life. Mr. O. Bampo, said though he is no more in the public service as result of his age, some of his mates like Lawyer Noah Asamany are still doing something which they will make themselves available to assist the College in anyway they can”. Mr. Bampo sated.

They used the occasion to invite Principal, Vice Principal, AcCE Alumni Global Association Leadership and staff staying on campus to their meeting which will take place at AcCE Conference Room on Saturday, 16th November, 2019.

On behalf of AcCE Alumni Association, Mr. Samuel Douglas Quansah, the Chaplain of the College and an Alumnus was delighted to see his senior colleagues, he said, the College has produced many industrious sons and daughters who are serving the world in diverse capacities.

He thanked Dr. Oko Vanderpuje, the MP and former Chief Executive Officer of Accra Metropolitan Assembly (An Alumnus) for his effort to assist the College to get Demonstration School, Accra College of Education Demonstration School which is now one of the sought-after basic schools in the Ayawaso-West Wougon Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

He also thanked the Global President, Professor C. A. Okpoti for his effort over the years to organize alumni of the College and his various contributions to the College and the Alumni Association.

The Students’ Affairs Officer of the College, Mr. K. A. Sackey-Sam thanked the group and promised the support of the College to organize the proposed meeting.

The AcCE Alumni Global Association has membership which date back in the early 60s, the Association is now organizing its members and adding new members to their online platforms.

The Administrators of Global Association Platforms, Mr. Z. N. Nettey and Mr. J. Mensah (Alumni Coordinator of the College) is advocating for an application which can hold more of the members on a common platform, in this regard all members are being urged to migrate from WhatsApp Platforms to Telegraph/Telegram Platform* which has capacity to hold over 10000 members on one platform.

– By Gye Nyame Multimedia Reporter

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