University of Ghana SRC owes Organizations and Individuals over GHC20,000


Treasurer of the Student Representative Council of the University of Ghana, Philomina Sarbah Andam, has disclosed that the SRC owes over GHC 20, 000 cedis to various organizations and individuals.

According to her, the SRC has not received any funds for the running of its activities since the start of this semester so it has been operating on credit.

She explained that this has incurred a heavy debt on the SRC adding that their creditors are already pressurizing them to pay back the monies.

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“The SRC has not received any funds for its operation. People are on my neck requesting for their funds because they have businesses and they need their monies. We have done two programs and we’ve held three General Assembly meetings on credit. I can’t give a particular figure as to how much we owe but it should be over GHC 20,000”

Sarbah Andam added that the financial challenges faced by the SRC were likely to affect the upcoming General Assembly election adding that SRC is currently pleading with the University Printing Press to print out ballot papers on credit for the SRC to enable them run the General Assembly election, scheduled for Friday, October 18.

She however assured that efforts are being put in place to gather funds for the election.

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“We still don’t have funds for tomorrow’s election however we are working it out to see if the printers will print out the ballot papers for us on credit for us. Since it is the University Printing Press, we are still in talk with them that they should print it on credit for us. I said I will want to go there to talk to them but then by the close of today we are looking at gathering some funds someway somehow”


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