New Curriculum: Entire ‘Old Wine Skins’ at GES,MoE must be removed for a successful Implementation of Policy – Educationist


Ghanaian Educationist,CEO and Lead Consultant at the Neogenics Education Group, Grant Bulmuo, has said there was the need for some people with old mentalities  and undesirable attitudes to be exited from the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Ghana Education Service (GES).

The Educationist said this decision when considered shall help to easily implement the New Curriculum to benefit the Ghanaian Learners.

Speaking bat the 4th edition of the Education Community (EDUCOM) Awards in Accra on August 31,2019, Grant Bulmuo said;

into OLD SCHOOLED people who hold a PHARISAICAL mindsets.”

He further indicated that the enemies of every new and innovative approaches or practices are the OLD WINE skins who will resist change, unwilling to adopt the
new and if they do will place their own selfish interest first.

He further described the attitude by teachers which suggests the need for them to be paid for being trained.

”Like demanding to be paid for being trained!” He said.

Using a biblical approach to his argument,Grant Bulmuo said ” Indeed the NEW national buzz and catchphrase is THE NEW CURRICULUM when you relate with anybody within the
education space.”

”The NEW CURRICULUM sounds like a new breeze or a Magic Wand
that is believed to hold the key to the socio-economic transformation
of our entire country in the near future.”

”To some extent one could compare this New Curriculum to the NEW
WINE Jesus stated in one of His Parables in the Bible.”

”Like the New Wine, it will require a counterpart of a NEW WINE Skin
in order to deliver its mandate and accomplish its core objectives.”

”In Jesus’ Parable He said No one tears “a piece from a new
garment” and puts it on an “old garment”. If he does, he will tear the
“new”, and “the piece from the new” will not match the “old”.”

”Similarly, no one puts new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the
new wine will burst the skins and it will be spilled, and the skins will
be destroyed. But new wine must be put into fresh wineskins. And
no one after drinking old wine desires new, for he says, ‘The old is
good.’” He indicated.

In addition, he said the  entire Ghana Education Service and some of the associated
bodies of the Ministry of Education are besieged by OLD WINE skins
who need to be moved out to allow the NEW WINE to have its full

”We need to put away political interest and deliver what the future of
this country needs.OLD WINE skins will always prefer their OLD WINES.”

He also said for the New Curriculum to flourish and be successful, the powers
that be needs to do the ultimate thing. And that is getting rid of all
the OLD WINE skins and its OLD MINDSETS and take on positive
and open minded NEW WIND Skins.

”Some of these OLD WINE skins include teachers, Headteachers,
Circuit supervisors, Regional and District Directors who have never
achieve any great success with their students and will always blame
others for their lack of achievement without taking personal
responsibilities for any failure.” He said.

”It is time to be robust and tough with a new regime of sector
Leadership that is fearless, selfless and possesses a WILL that bites

”Our schools are infected with OLD WINE-OLD-SCHOOL-HEADS who
are marking time towards their Pension, hence have nothing to lose
except the inhibition of life chances of young people who attend their

”For how long can we leave the FUTURES of our young people and
those of unborn generations in the hands of OLD WINE SKINS who
have attained their current status and school positions via the
endurance of long service and subjective periodical promotions that
were never justified or supported with measurable and empirical
evidence.” He asked.

”For how long can we continue to see our public schools led by Heads
who year in and year out continue to reap zero % BECE passes yet
keep their post while their graduate lose their goals.” He further questioned.


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