”Organisation of Extra Classes would affect the Pupils” – West Akim Director warns Teachers


Teachers in the West Akim Municipal Education Directorate in the Eastern Region are being directed by the Municipal Director of Education to halt the organisation of Extra Classes in all schools within the Municipality.

Mrs Eunice Amfo-Akonnor, in a letter issued on September 18,2019 to all heads of basic schools stated emphatically,that no school should organize extra classes for the pupils.

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Defending her decision,the Director said with the introduction of the standardised -based curriculum and its associated changes in contact hours, the organisation of extra classes would affect the pupils after a long stay in school.

She earlier indicated that the directorate has heard the introduction of extra classes in schools without official permission from the directorate.

”Headteachers are therefore entreated to put a stop to the organisation of extra classes after normal school  hours” She said.

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”Judicious use of contact hours is enough for the facilitation and learning during the normal school hours” She emphasized.

Meanwhile,teachers are being allowed to have remedial lessons for weak pupils during normal contact hours.

''Organisation of Extra Classes would affect the Pupils'' - West Akim Director warns Teachers 1

Source: EducationGhana.net


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