2019 WASSCE results politically motivated – Educationist


Educationist Daniel Fenyi does not believe that the statistics of the 2019 West African Senior School Certificate Examination for school candidates is a true reflection of the performance of students.

He suspects that the statistics released by the West African Examination Council has been politically motivated to suit the ruling New Patriotic Party for it to suggest that the educational interventions introduced by the party is yielding positive results.

In an interview with UniversNews, he stated that such a general rise in the performance of students was unprecedented and that if it is indeed true as it is made to be believed, then it should be attributed to some mischief or perhaps magic.

“I personally have issues with the result. The results cannot be real. If it is, then something so magical would have happened in this country that we are not aware off. This year, the students did much better in all the core subjects than last year. This is unusual and a critical comparison would have been okay. A blanket improvement in all subjects is very unusual and beats all imagination”.

2019 WASSCE statistics according to WAEC

A total of 346,094 candidates entered for the examination. This figure is 9.2% higher than the 2018 candidature of 316,999.

The 2019 entry figure was made up of 170,857 (49.37%) males and 175,237 (50.63%) females.

The examination was conducted for 987 participating schools. A total of 2,322 (0.67%) of the candidates who registered were absent from the examination.

The performance of the candidates in regard to the four core subjects are as follows:

English Language: 167,733 (48.96%) obtained A1-C6, 100,781 (29.42%) obtained D7-E8 while 74,038 (21.61%) F9

Mathematics (Core): 223,737 (65.31%) obtained A1-C6, 72,408 (21%) obtained D7-E8 while 46,384 (13.54%) had F9

Integrated Science: 216,095 (63.17% obtained A1-C6; 91,151 (27%) obtained D7-E8 while 34,825 (10.18%) had F9

Social Studies: 257,838 (75.43%) obtained A1-C6; 52,983 (15.50%) obtained D7-E8 while 30,970 (9.06%) had F9

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