”Who questions WAEC on Failure,Malpractices in Exams” – Teacher Laments

Over the years l have observed keenly how teachers are criticized in the media anytime WAEC releases results of WASSCE or BECE.
Even though students too are  blamed to some extent , the fact is  teachers often take the largest blame.Teachers are often seen as the architects of student failures.
WAEC releases results of students with the number that passed and failed and that will be all. No questions, no explanation of writing. All you will see is a chief examiner report almost repeating the same thing each year.
But my question is who questions WAEC?
Why is WAEC always right?
I agree that just like in the game of football the teams and coaches are mostly blamed for poor performances but sometimes you and l know that the  referee’s wrong decisions can make a good  team loose a match.
Sometimes, you will have some students whose results as release by WAEC does not really match the students performance but you’re tempted to blame the students because WAEC is always right.
And l know most schools especially the private schools have one way or the other contest the results of their students
Sometimes the questions does not really come from the WAEC syllabus( a clear example is the   BDT Core Skills of 2017). And you do not even know who to complain to.
WAEC withholds students result for sometime, then releases it later with F in chains without any explanation or whatsoever especially the private candidates.
They conduct their own investigations into their own alleged malpractices and execute their own sanctions. Where even innocent students get their results cancelled.
Who speaks for students?
Even the teachers do not even know how the marking schemes look like?
And remarking? That is the scary word to hear.
I do not know whether there’s a body playing an oversight responsibility or not ?
But wait, is this WAEC examinations credible enough. The 2019 WASSCE has seen one of the viral leaks but WAEC came out to deny any leakage. How do the papers get leaked. Do the students go to steak them from WAEC?
I just need as answers.
Sometimes l feel WAEC intentionally fail students because they profit from the students failure especially in English and Maths. Yeah the narrative is that students are not serious in these subjects.
Last year, just a after the release of the results, WAEC reopen the registration for private(NOVDEC) which was closed prior to the release of the WASSCE results and this time with a double if the earlier registration fee knowing very well many people will rush to register especially in English and Maths.
Why can’t we have an alternative examination body?
Why can’t WAEC at least publish the results of some their findings?
Why can’t WAEC make their marking schemes public?
Why can’t anybody questioning the results WAEC churns out ?
My questions are just numerous, l just need answers maybe l’m the only one just crying for nothing. So anyone with answers should help me .
My name is Chief Iddi-Amin and these are my questions.


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