Tertiary Education Bill: SRCs to be part of University Councils – Education Minister


Student Representative Councils (SRCs) in the various tertiary institutions shall have representatives on their respective University Councils when the Tertiary Education Bill becomes law.

The Minister of Education,Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh made this known to the leadership of the various Students Representative Councils (SRC) across various universities in Ghana.

In a meeting held between both parties in his office on July 26,2019 , Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh elaborated on the decision to include a member of the SRC on the councils of all universities to ensure they have a say in any major decisions being taken.

In addition,the Minister also used tthe opportunity to sensitize the student leaders on the new proposals in the Tertiary Education Policy (TEP)  and their role in ensuring their universities run efficiently.

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Common Admission Platforms

The Minister took the opportunity to  also talked about the common admissions platform for prospective students into the various Universities.

Furthermore,he indicated ,that the introduction of the common admission platform will seek to minimize the cost of applying to universities while giving more opportunities to applicants who may not be well “connected” .

In addition,the Minister said the system will help prevent the current system of admission,

which allows a student to hold multiple offers from various schools until matriculation day due to the system not being synchronized.

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Presentation of Copies of TEP

The Minister  encouraged the group to delve into the true history of Ghana to have a better

understanding of why things are the way they are today and help set this nation on the right path as the future leaders.

He then handed them copies of the TEP and advised them to read it thoroughly to have a better understanding of the changes that are being proposed.

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