V/R: Community member attacks teacher;breaks into bungalows leaving Condoms,other foreign Materials


A teacher has been attacked by a Community member of the Takla – Gborgame E.P Basic School in the Ho Municipality.

According to reports , a young man on Wednesday, 8th May 2019, came threatening to ‘butcher’ the teachers for alleging he was behind the destruction of items in one of the Bungalows.

Reports suggested,the young man ,Dzah Winfred was accused of breaking into the Bungalow housing the Mentees from Holy Spirit College of Education.

Reports alleged that several items were stolen belonging to the Student Teachers.

There were reported cases of  used condoms being identified at the scene with other ‘foreign’ items.

Teacher’s Attack

According to reports,the young man after hearing about the allegations came to the school to attack the teachers.

Upon arrival in the School,he was met ny one Mr. Ashiagbor who tried calming him down.

The said teacher (Mr. Ashiagbor) approach him to calm him only to find himself on the ground and the young man  beating him  in the chest region and inflicted some wounds on the Teacher,reports indicated.


According to reports,the said Community member was alleged to have been behind the unfortunate ‘visit’ to the bungalows because they found a Poster in the room with the name (Dzah Winfred) indicating that;

”the destruction was caused by him and that he fears no one so they can call the Police.”

Closure of School

The School was immediately closed down with the support from  the Regional GNAT secretary and the Municipal Director of Education.

The teacher who was attacked  was asked to report the incident to the Police and he complied.

Dzah Winfred’s Arrest

The young man was arrested on the 9th of May 2019 and detained at the Central Police cell, Ho.

The District GNAT Secretary, Regional GNAT Secretary, Tokokoe Local GNAT Chairman, Mr. Ashiagbor, The District Director of Education and his staff visited the Elders of the TAKLA-GBORGAME community to ascertain the incidence.

Source: EducationGhana.net

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