Ho: Missing OLA Girls’ SHS Student found;gives Shocking account of your disappearance


Lawrencia Nyuiemedzi Galley was reported missing on Wednesday, but was found in the afternoon of Thursday at Dornorkordzi; a suburb of Ho.

Her father Mr Joshua Edem Galley and the police were returning from a shop she was reportedly seen on Tuesday 30th April, the day she left home when he received a call from an unknown caller, who happened to be the daughter -Lawrencia.

She directed them to Dornorkordzi, where she was eventually found with a woman in her 50s.

The woman told the team that she spotted the young lady wondering around the outskirt of the community and upon interrogation, she realised that Lawrencia was lost and could not find her way home.

Upon arriving at the police station, Lawrencia, a final year student of the Ola Senior High School, told a bizarre story of her mysterious disappearance.

Lawrencia narrates;

I went to school on Tuesday and after school, I stayed on campus for preps. At About 7pm, I was thirsty so I went out to buy water. When I went out, I met a lady, who spoke with a Nigerian accent and she inquired about someone from me but I don’t know the person she was talking about.

When I was about leaving, the lady stretched her hands to shake me, but immediately I reached out to her, I fell unconscious.

She told the police that when she regained consciousness, she found herself locked up in a room with four other ladies, who never spoke to her.

I regained consciousness and found myself locked up in a room with four other ladies, who never spoke to me. We were served food on Wednesday, but I refused to eat and begged that they send me back to campus, so that I can go and write exams.

This dawn [Thursday], the lady came back to the room and signaled me to come forward, she tied my hands and blindfolded me. She put me in a car and drove for about 30 minutes before dropping me off along the Ho-Aflao road.

Lawrencia could not, however, give a vivid description of the car or the lady, though she claimed the lady untied and remove the blindfold before dropping her.

The police upon taking her statement, issued a medical form for her to be taking to the hospital, while the case is investigated.

Story By:Abdul-IddrisuFaisel

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