GES blames GHC10 SIC Policy deductions on Miscommunication,begins Policy Implementation in April


The Ghana Education Service (GES) has attributed the deducion of GHC10 from the salary of allits staff in June 2018 as an error.

The GES further indicated that the June 2018 deduction ,which was supposedly meant for an insurrance policy for all of its staff was done in eoor due to a miscommunication bettwen the Ghana Education Service and the Controller and Accountant Generals’ Department.

In a  documentn released by the GES toexplain the insurance policy,the GES explained that it was not able to sensitize the beneficiaries (GES Staff) on time before the deduction.

Explaining the deduction being done at its blind side,the Ghana Education Service,SIC and the CAGD apologized for the wrongful deduction.

Policy begins April 2019

The Ghana Education Service,however emphasized,that the GES-SIC Policy shall be implemented in April 2019.

It however indicated that staff who filled an exit form were refunded in full,and those who did not fill the forms shall become automnatic members starting from April 2019.

What is  the GES-SIC Insurance Policy?

It is a government of Ghana initiative to help improve the welfare of teachers in Ghana.It is a gropuplife policy that covers life,permanent disability and critical illness.

It  is a term policy renewable annually.

Teacher Unions Agitations

After the June  2018 GhC10 deductions,teacher unions called for a cancellation of the policy since it was not inline with President Akuffo Addo’s speech at Presbyterian College of Education,Akropong,indicating the Policy was fullysponsored by government.

The Unions indicated that according to Section 69 of the Labour Act 2003 (Act 651) NO deductions can be made from an employees’ salaries without his or her consent.


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