Be cautious with your Celebrations – Police to BECE leavers


The Ghana Police Service has cautioned graduates of the just ended Basic Education Certificate Examination on their celebrations after the exams on Friday.

The graduates were cautioned to desist from alcohol abuses.

The police also cautioned the graduates against drug abuse and other immoral acts as well as behaviors that endanger their lives.

In a statement issued by the Ghana Police Service on Friday June 14,2019 ,the Police indicated that in recent times, the BECE graduates after completion of their examination, indulge themselves in various acts which endanger their lives.

According to the Police, graduates indulge in acts such as alcohol and drug abuse, beach parties  ,night clubs among others.

A situation the police said had affected the graduates in diverse ways, ranging from injuries to death in some cases.

The police cautioned Parents and guardians of the graduates to educate then on the dangers associated with such acts and to prevent the graduates from going out during such occasions.

The police also cautioned night club owners to consider the age limitations before allowing minors into night clubs.

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