2019NSMQ: Motown and Aquinas to battle for Supremacy at one-eighth Stage


The capital of Ghana will come to a standstill in NSMQ circles when Achimota School takes on St. Thomas Aquinas SHS in the 14th contest at the knockout stages.

The pairings for the one-eighth stage was done at the R.S. Amegashie Auditorium of the University of Ghana Business School Saturday evening.

As the Accra derby was confirmed, patrons of the programme clapped to acknowledge the tough tie.

Neutrals shouted on top of their voice, obviously cheering in anticipation for an amazing contest but students of both schools were ambivalent.

They know despite the excitement that comes with clashing with a rival, bragging rights are always at stake.

Both schools have won the competition once.

Achimota became the first unisex and non-all-boys’ school to win the ultimate in 2004 and St. Thomas Aquinas won it nine years later in 2013.

St. Thomas SHS has, however, enjoyed success in the Primetime show in recent years, with Achimota backsliding.

However, Achimota School has already defeated the Toms in 2019 at the maiden Regional Championship and could just prove to be too much for the latter to chew a second time.

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