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Sunday , 4 February 2018
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Unposted Newly Trained Teachers cry to Gov’t for Postings

Unposted Newly Trained Teachers cry to Gov’t for Postings

Some Newly Trained Teachers from the Colleges of Education in the Country are still in doubt what their future in the Teaching Profession would be in some years to come due to the inability of the Ghana Education Service to employ them on varied reasons of unconfirmed WASSCE results and referrals in their end of Semester Examinations.


According to a statement issued by a group calling itself Unposted Teachers,the licensing of teachers which saw to the implementation of various immediate measures to enable teachers to be licensed right from the college was one of the policies affected them as newly trained teachers.

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According to the group, a meeting held somewhere last year directed that trainees who entered the colleges of education with grades below the requirements grades should not be posted after completion.of which trainees with referrals also suffered same fate.

“Our whole plight and ordeal is stemmed from this little but enormous measure which has left many trained teachers unposted, stranded and frustrated.” it said.

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“What is mind boggling about the whole measures is that it didn’t take into consideration the fact that the negative impacts far over weigh the positives”

The group asked the government pertinent questions regarding their employment.

(1) If the last grade requirements for entry into training colleges was D7, why did they admit those with E8? Is WAEC interpretation for D7 and E8 not the same anyway? *Was it an oversight, mistake or deliberate?* Are we supposed to suffer for someone else’s mistake or oversight?

2. Why is it that that we were not sacked from the colleges after they discovered that we entered with one subject in E8 but they allowed us to finish?

3. Does it mean the government has spent resources on us for nothing and that *passing diploma certificate program is not important to the government than a E8 in one subject of WASSCE result?*

4. If the government is crying over lack of adequate teachers in the classrooms, why can’t he absorbed us who have passed the Diploma Programm even as pupil teachers?

The group indicated that these and many questions continue to remain unanswered and deepens their plights as citizens who are ready to serve our society and country.

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“Though we accept that it is part of the requirements, we believe it does not drive on fairness and it is an iota of partiality against innocent trained teachers.” if said.

“We didn’t know whether they want to tell us that we are a waste or we should wait. Every indication point to the fact that we will not be posted and a simple conclusion of being wastful (unprofitable) to the teaching profession.”

“Most of us passed the diploma program convincingly with very good GPAs yet as it stands we have been discredited.”

The group is tearfully pleading with the President of Ghana, Minister Of Education, the Chairman of GES Council and the Chairman of the National Teaching Council to temper justice with mercy to rescine the decision of not posting teachers who have passed the diploma program but have E8 in one of their WASSCE results.

The group said its members will be better of as pupils teachers than remaining in the house as redundants. We will accept postings to wherever our services will be needed because we are ever ready to serve mother Ghana.

“Half a loaf is better than none, we know our plea will fall on the listening ears of the authority in place.” it concluded.



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