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Tuesday , 11 October 2016
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The Origin of  ”AYIGBE” and the Volta Region of Ghana

The Origin of ”AYIGBE” and the Volta Region of Ghana

History has become part of my very self and writing has become my daily manner. I decided to take my history class to the Volta Region of Ghana ,which was formally known as the Trans Volta Togoland.

During my first lecture in the history class,I took the class to History of Number 9 and the Volta REGION OF GHANA where we learnt about why they are referred to as such.

Today, I bring the class to another interesting history of the People of the Volta Region and this time ,I want us to look critically at why the name ”AYIGBE”

In Ghana, the Ewes are sometimes referred to as ‘Ayigbe-fuɔ’, by the Akans and ’Ayigbe-tsɛmɛin’ by the Ga people. Some people find this name offensive others don’t.

It is believed that the Ewes and the Gas migrated to their present locations around the same decade. The Ewes first settled at Nortsie in present day Togo and began farming. The Gas later joined them but after a few years, their population increased considerable and they decided to move to a new land they didn’t have to share.

Some of Ewes moved to modern day Ghana in the Volta Region and some of the Gas moved to Accra. The gas who decided to stay (in present day Togo) were led by the Crown Prince called ‘Ayi’ and those who left were led by the King. The migrating Gas left behind some of their royal paraphernalia, gods and priests in the care of Ayi.

A few years later the King died and a delegation was sent to Ayi to come back home with the gods and priests and take his right full place as King. By that time the Gas and Ewes had intermarried and Ayi had been made a King.

Ayi decided he didn’t want to leave his new home and sent the delegates back to the elders with the messages, “yaa kɛɛ amɛ akɛ, ‘Ayi Gbɛ’”.

yaa kɛɛ amɛ akɛ”, means, “Go tell them…” in Ga

And “Ayi Gbɛ”, means, “Ayi refuses or says no” in Ewe.

The delegates took the message back but pronounced “Ayi Gbɛ” as “Ayigbe”. The elders were no sure of what to make of the message as they didn’t understand Ewe. A new Ga King was later installed but to this day, when the Gas celebrate their annual festival, Homowo, parts of the traditional rites have to be done in Togo.

Thanks to Efo Dela and all those making emphatic efforts to go deep into the history of Ghana.

You are all free to give your inputs to make this article the true definition of history.

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