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Monday , 4 September 2017
Home » Articles » General Articles » Teachers describe Education Minister as a ‘ Talking Cricket’
Teachers describe Education Minister as a ‘ Talking Cricket’

Teachers describe Education Minister as a ‘ Talking Cricket’

Reply to Hon. Minister of Education on his talking ministry

I have never studied government, and have no doctorate, just a common diploma holder. So my freedom of expression is going to be based on the layman’s point of view.

Everybody will agree with me that Ministers of state are appointed to perform specific tasks.

The tasks in itself are problems which needs solutions, without which there will be no need for appointing Ministers. For example, the Ministry of Regional Re-organisation is Government of Ghana ministry charged with the responsibility of supervising the creation of new regions in Ghana.

The Ministry of Education is not an exception, the minister in charge is to ensure that all challenges facing education in Ghana is brought to an end or reduced to the barest minimum.

But here comes a Minister of Education who instead of solving problems and allowing the solutions to talk for him, goes public with one-platform, one-added educational problem and that becomes the end. Some of which include;
1. French should be compulsory in basic schools without ensuring that more French teachers are trained and well equipped for that purpose.

2. Multiple Exams bodies to curb leakages with no convincing reasons.

3. *Threatens to sack headteachers who oversees poor performance in BECE* without taking into consideration the circumstances which brought about the failures.

5. Promotion of teachers no longer automatic meanwhile it has never been automatic

4. Closing time for schools to be extended to 4pm* just like that.

The specific one which prompted me to write this column is this statement recently made by the Education minister, *”Reduction in number of terms spent in schools is the cause of poor academic performance”*.

I have to quickly revisit all meta search engines to read more about Napo and I was convinced that he is no other than a square peg in a round hole

He is a medical Doctor (NB: Not a Doctor of philosophy), he has no education related degree, was a CEO of Keyedmaps Security Services Ltd. (2004-2009), a member of Royal college of physicians and surgeons of UK (1999 – 2003), served on some committees in parliament simply because he was a member of parliament, he is also a Grandson to Ex- Prez Kuffuor.

It seems the education minister needs more education tutorials than education Ministry. Someone should tell Napo for me that even if students spend 100 years in schools and closes at 12 midnight, with every teacher licensed, some students will still fail.

He shouldn’t even think of providing solutions to poor performance of students without tackling the root course of the problem.

Solutions to challenges of Education in Ghana must be initiated by Government of Ghana by training teachers, posting them to where necessary (where there are school buildings), providing TLM’s, paying teachers well and motivating them to offer their best in a community who are ready for their services.

National Inspectorate board, Education Directors, Circuit supervisors, headteachers can force the horse to the riverside but cannot force the horse to drink the water.

What does Napo expect from a teacher posted to a village which has no light, no network, poor road, has trees as classroom, no portable drinking water, and have been neglected to do?
In my case, I have been denied my arrears of about ghc8000 together with interest, i filled more than enough forms over and over again before my forms got to Accra, went to Accra so many times before I was validated, my certificate has to be audited by GES, CAGD, BNI etc for no reason and yet for about 4years now. Over 80,000 teachers are affected in this case.

Napo is performing wonders in his constituency but I fear for him as a cabinet minister. As a cabinet minister, who is part of the inner circles of the president and aids in key decision making in the country, I am not convinced that he will be of help in any way to us (teachers). He is just a minister and we are administers of Education. We stay in the sun and he stays in air-condition.

I advice him to leave that *”talking point”* aspect to the GES and co. Even if he has to talk, he should make a lot of research and consultations first. any
I rest my case but I leave the final judgement to the general public

By:Owusu Baffoe Daniel

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