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Saturday , 14 April 2018
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JUST IN: Ellis Ferdinand’s top 10 questions about the 4-year Degree Program for Colleges of Education

JUST IN: Ellis Ferdinand’s top 10 questions about the 4-year Degree Program for Colleges of Education

The Conference of Principals of Colleges of Education in Ghana (PrinCof) released the 2018/19 Academic Year Advertisement for Applications into a 4-year Bachelor Degree Programmes in Some Forty-six (46) Public Colleges of Education in the country.

The Advertisement which has for the first time ignored Applications for Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) has brought up a public outcry over the latest development.

Meanwhile, Award winning Education Blogger, Ellis Ferdinand  and founder of who predicted the 4-year degree programmes and other revelations in the Education Sector late last year,of which many manifested including the decision to turn Colleges of Education into Satellite University Campuses has released some selected questions to the Stakeholders in the Teacher  Education Process to get urgent solutions to them in order to sustain the program.

His questions are listed and elaborated below :

1. What happens to Diploma in Basic Education? Should that be stopped by the Universities?

The Advertisement which excluded the Diploma in Basic Education has brought up pertinent questions to be looked at. Is the Diploma in Basic Education being scrapped in Ghana’s Education System? What about the Universities pursuing Such Courses?  Are they to also stop admitting Students into Diploma Programmes?

2.What Happens to Mature Applicants?

In the Universities, There are varied means of Admitting Students, of which Mature Applications is included. Now that the Colleges are more of Satellite Universities, are they also giving the opportunity to Mature Applicants to enter into the Various Public Colleges of Education?


3.Who qualifies to top up to obtain the degree?

It has been indicated in the Advertisement that level 300 Students can do a one-year top up courses to obtain their degrees. The question is that,what about those currently teaching? Are they Also to come back to their various Colleges to obtain their degrees within a year as stipulated?What then happens to the Universities who are also into distance Education as well as Sandwich Education for 2-year degree programmes? Are they to Collapse their system since one can gain admission into a College for a one-year top up?

4.Where is the White document Containing the Procedural Considerations before the Implementation of the Policy?

Before certain decisions are being arrived at, there will be some documentation of the Procedures that arrived at the final decision. Such documents could be made public for the Consumption of the Stakeholders and the masses at large.

5. What was Parliament’s Role in the Approval of the document for the B. Ed?

Most often ,Parliament is involved in the Approval of Certain decisions pertaining to Public Institutions of which the Colleges of Education are no exception. What was Parliament’s role in the approval and Implementation of the Policy?

6.  What happens to the Infamous Teacher Trainees Allowances which was launched recently?

Recently, Government launched the restoration of the Teacher Trainees Allowances, which was one of Government’s most discussed Campaign Promises after former President Mahama scrapped it off. Now that the Colleges are pursuing degrees as their Colleagues in the Universities,will they still be given Allowances or is it a Political Strategy to cancel the Restored Allowances?If the allowances are maintained, what then shall be the Essence of going to the Universities for same courses?

7. What was the Role of NCTE, NTC, and NAB in the Implementation Process?

The National Council for Tertiary Education and the National Accreditation Board and well as the National Teaching Council has the mandate to determine which institution qualifies for what courses and who becomes a Teacher? What was their role in the Implementation of the Policy?

8. Will Colleges increase Intake? Do they
Have the necessary infrastructural facilities?

Now that the Colleges of Education are becoming satellite Campuses and there is the implementation of the Degree Programmes, have they considered the number of intake adjustments? Are the Colleges of Education going to undertake Distance and Sandwich Programmes since the facilities in the various Colleges of Education are obviously inadequate to contain the number of expected new entrants.

9. What is the fate of the Universities engaging students in Education Courses?

Thus Regular, Distance and sandwich? When they can just go to College Of Education to obtain the degree with Allowances?

10. Shall the Ghana Education Service Continue Posting Students from the Colleges of Education?

Posting of Newly Trained Teachers has always been the work of the Ghana Education Service. Now that trainees shall go for 4 years, shall they be posted to teach or they shall wait for recruiting just like they colleagues in the Universities since they at all obtaining degrees.

It is very necessary for the authorities to speak on this questions to help Detect and prevent problems with the system .


About Ellis Ferdinand

Ellis Ferdinand is the Founder/Chief Executive Officer of EducationGhana Limited and the Managing Editor at . He is a passionate writer,a publicist and an online Marketer and Promoter.

He is Ghana’s number 1 Education Blogger who brings all happenings in the Ghanaian Education Sector ,from Basic to Tertiary, to the doorsteps of readers on

He is also the Founder of Education Awards Ghana which will soon be launched in Ghana to help boosts the Education Sector.

He is Passionate about Promoting Education in Ghana, Africa and the world at large.

Ferdinand Completed Accra College of Education and was Awarded a Diploma In Basic Education by the University of Cape Coast and Currently reading Psychology and Foundation of Education with Management and Accounting Options at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana.

Ferdinand is willing to work with any organization who believes in Promoting quality business as well as Education in Ghana and Africa.

You can Contact him for Promotion of Events,Advertisements,Publications and any other business through Education Ghana.


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