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Monday , 10 October 2016
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How to Manage Time as a Distance Education Student

How to Manage Time as a Distance Education Student

Consider the saying “there is no crown without a battle”. The saying presupposes to mean, to every crown, there is a hurdle to cross. Just as every warrior once fought a battle.

Ask me to define distance education, and I will say;it is a type of education where a student does not stay at the traditional university but visits the campus or a satellite campus for education.

A distant learner needs to be self motivated, disciplined, financially fit and above all, be a very good time manager and is able to withstand the challenges at work, home and educational actors.

Aside the challenges from work, we are challenged financially. As if that is all. The pressure from home coupled with eventualities on campus, makes us mentally unready to opening our modules let alone learning.
But the fact still remains that, we are designed for accomplishment, endowed with the seed of greatness, engineered for success and determined for a breakthrough no matter the impediments.
With a good time plan, we are halfway through the storm.
A distance student who wants to stay on top must view time as now. This is because, tomorrow is too unfavourable.

1) *Distance yourself from social media* Sometimes, we have no idea the productive hours we spend jumping from WhatsApp to Facebook, down to instagram, tweeting, IMOing among others. Yes it gives us fun, release some stress, keeps us in touched with our dear ones but at the end, we become so tired and unable to read our modules.
We should not forget social media drains our money, precious time. Waste our opportunities and the worst of all is that, it makes the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gate and the likes richer.

2) *Make a workable timetable and follow it as unpleasant and difficult as it may be*
It is often said that, nobody can make you inferior without your consent. Dignity yourself and respect yourself and respect your time. Then others will have no option than to respect you. Even if it means reading a page or two before going to bed.
3) *Your success in examination is an accumulation of marks from interim assessment and exams*
The elephant, lion and the other big animals will live by strength but smaller ones will also live by strategy. This means equal attention should be paid to interim assessment. The first preparation in a semester should be geared towards scoring good marks in the quizzes and then end of semester exams.

4) *The first and foremost preparation towards any exams as a distance student is timely acquisition of modules, handouts and an up to date past questions*
When birds learn to fly without perching,hunters also learn to shoot without missing. Past questions do not guarantee the repetition of same questions but they help us to know how and the format in which questions are set early in and out. This informs your learning direction.

5) *Salient points should be jotted and read at anytime and anywhere*
Never pileup reading materials for a specific time. Your maybe sick or not in the right mood for learning at those times. The result of this can be so detrimental to you.

With these, we can be rest assured that, our battles as distance student is won in advance

Written by
Francis Dziwornu
Regional PRO

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