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Monday , 10 October 2016
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Could Nkrumah be wrong? The Cry of a Patriotic Ghanaian

Could Nkrumah be wrong? The Cry of a Patriotic Ghanaian

Life in our part of the world is not only becoming “the survival of the fittest”, but a combination of various complexities. Once a child is born and he begins to gain some freedom, he no longer has to fight for only bread and butter but must fight the system as well.
If the fight was limited to the divisive tendencies that characterize our daily utterances alone, there would be no cause for alarm since we are noted to be “talk plenty, do little” kind of people.
But it is not so. Man, in our part of the world has to fight corruption and injustice in addition to those divisions. In our part of the world, one gets education to acquire skills, knowledge, morality, patriotism and also be able to discern. It is expected that the higher one climbs the academic ladder, the less tribalistic or less politically biased one becomes due to the analytical and discerning tool one is equipped with.
But it is not uncommon to see students of higher institutions get themselves entangled in this canker of discrimination be it on tribal grounds or in political colours.
As a result of that one may not be judge by the content of his character but by where he comes from whether north, south, east or west or whether one is with party A or B. Sometimes, you could hear people make comments like “this guy can do the work but because he is with that party, we won’t give him the chance” which in my opinion compounds the problem and gives me enough reason to believe that even our so call institutions churn out ignorant people. What makes things scary is when you live in a society where good could be seen as evil and evil as good depending on which part of the divide the doer is from.
The reality begins to dawn on you that our democracy or whatever we call it is too polarised hence the bleak picture we paint for ourselves A trip down our history will give you accounts of the divisive tactics or techniques the colonialist employed in oppressing our forefathers to the extent that a southerner sees a northerner as a potential competitor or enemy.
No wonder the Blackman traded his fellow Blackman just for a common buzz (drink) and a gun just to satisfy a Whiteman. We love the oppressors but loath our fellow Blackman to the core. This was the beginning of mistrust among the Blackman until liberation came knocking on our doors. We thought with the Blackman handling his own affairs, there will be truth and reconciliation.
We thought the independence of the Blackman would have given us some room to trust one another once again love one another once more since “the Blackman was capable of handling his own affairs” It was not so. The seed of discord has already been sown. It has germinated and has gain has now gained firmer roots.
It could no longer be uprooted. We tried cutting it. It still springs up and continues to bear seeds of discord among us. We see it grow but we are unable to stop it. It spreads its tentacles across the length and breadth of our society Our democracy has become a has become so complex so that only outsiders see some good in it and keep praising us as being model to other Africans.
All we see as the insiders or owners of this system is corruption, hopelessness, poverty, ignorance and all the vices. It is seen in every facet of society including our schools and colleges. So tell me, of what good is of a democracy if its pride resides in the perception of foreigners?
My next door neighbour who is not too lettered do agues with me that Ghana would have been like Europe if her destiny had been left in the hands of the whites. Though I believe in freedom and sovereignty and always argue in that line, I am sometimes tempted to agree with him by asking these begging questions; Could Nkrumah be wrong? Is the Blackman capable of managing his own affairs?
Has any African proven Nkrumah right or wrong in Blackman land? Your guess is as good as mine. When the hurdles seem insurmountable and the odds are against us, when the solution is in sight but we chose to wind round and round it, when the sun rises and falls always but we only chose to exist in darkness, when in the abundance of water we go thirsty, then do not be surprise if I tell you that I always reside to bed with this my words fighting my thoughts; “I weep within anytime I look into the future. I sob for Ghana anytime I compare the past to present happenings My soul dies within me when I juxtapose the divide and rule tactics used by the British colonialist with what party politics is doing to us today I become hopeless when I realize that even the youth are divided along partisan lines in the name of democracy I bury my face in my palms when I realize even our youth groups and class pages are polarized Is the Blackman not capable of managing his own affairs?” Nkrumah could be wrong.
By Seyram Amekudzi Universty of Education,Winneba- Kumasi  (UEW-K)
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