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Monday , 10 October 2016
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Story:Kweku Anansi and his new wife

kWEKU anansi and his new wife

Traditionally, Kweku Anansi is seen as a trickster. The word ‘Anansi’ means spider in Akan, but the character is sometimes portrayed as a man. Folk stories of Anansi originated from the Ashanti tribe in Ghana and have been passed down from generation to generation. One day, Kweku Anansi went to God to complain that his wife was nothing more than ... Read More »

Lets Remember our Past with Stories: Kweku Ananse and The Gum Statue


  In the time that all animals still lived together, there once lived a spider called Ananse. He lived in a village with his relatives and all kinds of other animals: hyena, porcupine, squirrel, guineafowl, the chameleon, the warthog and many, many more… Ananse was one of the village elders, and one day he summoned all his friends and relations ... Read More »

Story: Make Hay While the Sun Shines

welcome to school

Amos was the last and only male child among the four girls of his parents. In a community where boys were highly revered, his birth came as a joy to his parents,  especially his father, who needed amale child to take over from him. Thus, his father, Mr Marcus Arthur, was prepared to sacrifice all he had so that Amos ... Read More »

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