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Monday , 24 October 2016
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Research has it that In-depth knowledge is most important quality of a University teacher


In-depth knowledge is the most important quality of a university teacher, according to research into student perspectives on teaching quality. For one in five students, the qualifications of university lecturers would affect their decision about where to study. The research, by The Student Room, indicates what students value about teaching quality ahead of the UK government’s plans for a teaching ... Read More »

Story: Make Hay While the Sun Shines

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Amos was the last and only male child among the four girls of his parents. In a community where boys were highly revered, his birth came as a joy to his parents,  especially his father, who needed amale child to take over from him. Thus, his father, Mr Marcus Arthur, was prepared to sacrifice all he had so that Amos ... Read More »

The History of Number 9 and the Volta Region of Ghana


It’s important to know your history. Out of ignorance, people have been referring to the Volta region as No.9, apparently, because they thought it was the 9th region created in Ghana. At independence, there was what could be described as 4 regions: 1. The Gold Coast Colony 2. The Ashanti Protectorate 3. The Northern Territories 4. Trans Volta Togoland Other ... Read More »


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