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Monday , 10 October 2016
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The Overselling of Education Technology

kids with games

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the idea of using digital technology in the classroom tends to be either loved or hated. After all, anything that’s digital consists only of ones or zeroes. By contrast, my own position is somewhere in the middle, a location where I don’t often find myself, frankly. I’m not allied with the Waldorfians, who ban ... Read More »

Could Nkrumah be wrong? The Cry of a Patriotic Ghanaian


Life in our part of the world is not only becoming “the survival of the fittest”, but a combination of various complexities. Once a child is born and he begins to gain some freedom, he no longer has to fight for only bread and butter but must fight the system as well. If the fight was limited to the divisive ... Read More »

Association of Concerned Tertiary Students ‘dares’ Dr. Kwabena Donkor over Dumsor


OUR REGISTER IS FULL OF PROMISES, HENCE WE CAN’T KEEP DR. KWABENA DONKOR’S OWN ANYMORE…. ASSOCIATION OF CONCERNED TERTIARY STUDENTS (A.C.T.S) : Setting the records straight for the good people of Ghana to understand us explicitly, there is an akan adage which goes like “)kwasea agyapade3, y3ntia so mpirenu”. Likewise, one can deceive some people all the time but one ... Read More »

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