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Monday , 10 October 2016
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The Woes of a Ghanaian Teacher


Was it not less than two months ago that an intensive exercise aimed at fishing out foreign certificated teachers out of the system? Didn’t they tell us some teachers were found to have corrupted the system with the use of faked certificates? Must we all be subjected to these ordeals every two months for crimes we know absolutely nothing about? ... Read More »

State schools versus private schools: Hefce sets the record straight

one to  one program

It should come as no surprise that journalists pounced on statistics that apparently showed that students who went to a state school were more likely to leave university with a first or a 2:1 than graduates who attended a private school. “State-schooled are more likely to get a good degree,” read the headline in Times Higher Education, and there were ... Read More »

Is nursing education in Ghana for sale?


The health sector of every country is one of the key components that contribute to the socio-economic transformation of that country. A country that is serious about its development usually pays very close attention to its health sector by making sure that health facilities are adequately equipped to facilitate healthcare delivery. The major resource of every organisation is its human ... Read More »

National Service or National Suffering? the Cry of the Ghanaian National Service Personnel

UHAS Sanwich

NATIONAL SERVICE or NATIONAL SUFFERING? After Tertiary education students from the Polytechnic s, Colleges and Universities etc. are to proceed and do their National Service which starts in September and ends on 31st August the following year. The month August is a leave for all National Service Personnel’s but those who were posted to schools have to wait for the ... Read More »

Poor standard of Pre-Tertiary Education in Ghana;Is the teacher to blame at all?


I watched a program on TV3 dubbed Consumer Watch on Sunday, September 14, 2014 about the low standard of pre-tertiary education in Ghana and I was surprised at the points that were raised by the panelists Mr. Annis Hafar and a former Director General of the Ghana Education Service, Mr. Michael Nsowah. Even though I agree with many of the points ... Read More »

Does it deliver What it says? A better alternative to using Local languages in Schools

girls education

Does it deliver what it says to? When our adorable daughter turned age 1, her mother and I decided to enroll her at a Creche. We wanted her to begin the process of interacting with both her peers and knowledgeable adults, who are qualified in early childhood development studies; so are therefore qualified as practitioners / caregivers. We considered that ... Read More »

Using fake Certificates to teach in Ghanaian Schools


This might have come as a surprise to some people but it is the truth. As some people operate as teachers though they have no certificates, others try to use forged documents to teach our children. Teaching is a noble and enviable job. It has to be jealously protected and preserved against the invasion by charlatans.  It is never a ... Read More »

Research has it that In-depth knowledge is most important quality of a University teacher


In-depth knowledge is the most important quality of a university teacher, according to research into student perspectives on teaching quality. For one in five students, the qualifications of university lecturers would affect their decision about where to study. The research, by The Student Room, indicates what students value about teaching quality ahead of the UK government’s plans for a teaching ... Read More »

The History of Number 9 and the Volta Region of Ghana


It’s important to know your history. Out of ignorance, people have been referring to the Volta region as No.9, apparently, because they thought it was the 9th region created in Ghana. At independence, there was what could be described as 4 regions: 1. The Gold Coast Colony 2. The Ashanti Protectorate 3. The Northern Territories 4. Trans Volta Togoland Other ... Read More »

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