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Monday , 10 October 2016
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It is Better to Lose on Principle than to Restore Teacher Trainees’ Allowance on Falsehood for Political Gains – President Mahama


President John Mahama has emphatically maintained that he will not bow to threat of losing the December polls to restore the teacher trainee allowance. The allowance was scrapped by government in 2014 in spite of intense opposition and protests from teacher trainees. The government replaced the teacher trainee allowance with a student loan scheme, which it claimed has increased enrollment ... Read More »

The Realities of Colleges of Education in Ghana-The Case of Akatsi College of Education


INTRODUCTION Teacher training was first introduced into Ghana (Gold Coast) by the Basel Missionaries (Presbyterians) led by Rev. Andreas Riis when they established the Teacher Training and Catechist School in Akropong Akwapim in 1848. Their intention was to train local folks in the teaching profession to help them in their evangelical and educational mission in the Gold Coast. As at ... Read More »

Why Effective Leaders Become Ineffective Before they Hand-Over


|This article is one of the write-ups of Asante Krobea Elvis. It is not for sale and targeted to beread by all student leaders and anyone interested|. Introduction I have had the opportunity to lead people since the inception of my formal education; class captainin all the classes from stage one, School Prefect at the Basic level till Senior High ... Read More »

How to Manage Time as a Distance Education Student


Consider the saying “there is no crown without a battle”. The saying presupposes to mean, to every crown, there is a hurdle to cross. Just as every warrior once fought a battle. Ask me to define distance education, and I will say;it is a type of education where a student does not stay at the traditional university but visits the ... Read More »

Curriculum Vitae of Ghana’s EC Boss,Charlotte Osei


Charlotte has a LL.B Hons from the University of Ghana and was admitted to the Ghana Bar in 1994. She holds a Master of Laws (LL.M) from Queen’s University, Canada and a Masters in Business Leadership (MBL) from the University of South Africa . Charlotte has significant experience in several facets of Law with particular specialization in Corporate/Business Law, banking, ... Read More »

ExCluSive: Why BIC Pens Have Holes In Their Lids

BIC Pens

There is an important reason for the hole at the top a BIC pen lid and it is not about preventing the ink drying on the nib. The iconic biro and lighter company explained the reason is to reduce the risk of people choking to death, reports Rachfeed . You May Also Read….SHS Scholarship Application For The Mrs Fedelia Adokailey ... Read More »

Lesson Plan Presentation:How to Plan For an Effective Reading and Comprehension Lesson

building an Educational App

Teacher Trainees in the Various Colleges of Education and Universities , as well as Professional and Non Professional Teachers who find it difficult  to write an effective Reading and Comprehension Lesson Plans should take this information very serious. In planning for an effective reading and comprehension lesson, the teacher should consider the following factors: i. the planning stage;  At the ... Read More »

‘NPP students’ angry after being ‘tricked’ to endorse Mahama

Pres Mahama

Some members of the Tertiary Students Confederacy (TESCON) of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), have condemned what they describe as a diabolic strategy used by some members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), to trick them into endorsing the candidature of President John Mahama for the November polls in a video advertisement. According to them, the advertising agency that worked on the video which ... Read More »

Top Successful Ghanaians Who Were Students of Achimota School


Founded in 1924 by Sir Frederick Gordon Guggisberg, Dr. James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey and Rev. Alexander (Alec) Garden Fraser. It was formally opened in 1927 by Sir Frederick, then Governor of the British Gold Coast colony. And its reputation is only enriched by the famous and successful people who come out of this prestigious institution. We’ve put together a list ... Read More »

English Class: The Positioning of ‘ONLY’ In a Sentence

girls education

BASIC ENGLISH LESSON THE POSITIONING OF ‘ONLY’ IN A SENTENCE. Position the adverb ONLY with great care. If it is not properly positioned, it can cause ambiguity. Check these constructions: 1. ONLY Katey eats fish on emoticon No one else but Katey eats fish on Fridays.) 2. Katey ONLY eats fish on Fridays. smile emoticon Katey does nothing else ... Read More »

Gov’t Aided EC to Confuse Ghanaians on the Legality of the Validation of the Voter’s Register- Innovative Teachers

president mahama

The peace of mother Ghana is at the blink of abuse by people we hold to have conscience and integrity . The government, the electoral commission ,the committee of the E.C on the credibility of the voter register and other civil societies in  our country have chosen the path of intellectual dishonesty. The state and government of Ghana in line with ... Read More »

Building More Community Day Schools Is Commendable – Educationist

Mahama and Free SHS structures

Dr. Nana Kwaku Asiedu, the Principal of the Foso College of Education, has lauded the Government for building more Community Day Schools (CDS) towards improving the standards of education. The schools, he said, would bridge the education infrastructural gap between the urban areas and the rural and reduce the over concentration of schools in the cities. Dr Asiedu said this ... Read More »

The Overselling of Education Technology

kids with games

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the idea of using digital technology in the classroom tends to be either loved or hated. After all, anything that’s digital consists only of ones or zeroes. By contrast, my own position is somewhere in the middle, a location where I don’t often find myself, frankly. I’m not allied with the Waldorfians, who ban ... Read More »

The Elusive ‘F Word’ in Personalized Learning

girls education

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard a school or organization say some flavor of this when asked how they use technology or personalize learning in their classroom: “We offer blended, data-driven instruction led by guides-on-the-side who use adaptive online technology to improve students’ achievement and 21st century skills. Our student-centered rotation model provides real-time feedback and students progress through ... Read More »

An Unsolicited Advice from ZAD International Academy to President Mahama on Education

Mahama and Free SHS structures

Pursuant to Article 67 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama has delivered the State of the Nation address to the parliament of Ghana on 24th February, 2016. On this all important occasion, Mr. President had in fewer than 500 words expressed what the National Democratic Congress government has achieved in furtherance of Basic Education ... Read More »

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